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Texas Mat (Set of 2)


Brand Henta Products

Landscaping Made Easy

More than a weed barrier, more than an edge, these beautifully designed Henta tree rings make a yard that is expertly landscaped and weed free...a dream come true.  Provides added protection to trees from weed eaters.

To install simply cut along pre-sized guidelines to the size of your tree trunk.  Fit around the tree or shrub, directly over grass.  No grass removal or chemicals needed.  Fill the mat with decorative stones, gravel, or wood chips and ENJOY... 

Product Features

  • Comes in set of two Texas Mats
  • This mat is designed in the shape of the State of Texas
  • Each mat measures approx. 38" x 42" overall and has a 1.5" high edge
  • Mat can be cut to to fit tree trunk sizes of 2'' to 13''
  • Mat contains holes throughout... Allows air and water in and keeps WEEDS OUT
  • Show Texas Pride... Decorate your trees with a tree ring shaped in the map of Texas...
  • Made of durable, special blend of Polyethylene... Long lasting and reusable... Will last and protect your tree for years and years. 


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